Maker Revolution: a celebration of DIY

SWITCH ON: The team at Core Electronics are here to help with your projects and educational electronics needs - powered by makers, for makers.
SWITCH ON: The team at Core Electronics are here to help with your projects and educational electronics needs - powered by makers, for makers.


Core Electronics is committed to the Maker Revolution and  focused on genuine innovation at its best, with no  bias on age, skill or technology.

The Maker Revolution is a global phenomenon placing strong emphasis on free sharing of designs, code, skills and ideas to create  new devices and the modification of existing ones.

In essence the Maker Revolution is about facilitating the transition from a consumer buying goods to eventually having a major part in their creation. 

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Inspired by DIY electronics and the maker movement, Core Electronics, based in Newcastle, partners with industry leading brands from around the world to make innovative electronics more accessible in Australia.

The whole team at Core Electronics are passionate about community education and create their own  tutorials, educational videos, projects and have community workshops at their offices to up-skill makers and educators.

Maker Workshops  

Their local workshops are free (bookings are essential).

Core Electronics (CE) hold them in their Makerspace, a large area that is well equipped for group courses. CE normally run two workshops per week, which cover interests such as learning to code with an Arduino, and getting started with Raspberry Pi (the single board computer flavour!).

CE workshops go beyond popular electronics, and also cover laser cutting, along with 3D modelling and printing.

Maker Education  

Daily, CE create educational resources that are freely accessible.

They often take the shape of a “tutorial”: a short and to-the-point guide for a specific tech/skill. CE’s Online Courses are much more in-depth, with extensive step-by-step guides, usually broken up into 20-30 videos, where students start from the very beginning and make their way into the deep end. CE have created 250+ tutorials, 6 online workshops and counting. 

All are free and entirely supported by the team at Core Electronics if ever someone needs a nudge in the right direction.

Maker Projects  

CE genuinely enjoy hearing back from the community members about what they have made.

CE also help curate a write-up of their project so that other makers can gain inspiration from it, just as the team at CE did.

They have a wall of projects on the Core Electronics website that have been made by makers all over Australia.  

Maker Favourites  

CE have partnered with 50+ maker brands from all over the world and make accessible their favourites via their online retail shop.

Everything from programmable boards boards   to hand tools and test equipment – it's a one-stop-shop for makers.

Core Electronics background 

Core Electronics was founded in 2007 by Graham Mitchell as a fly-by-night start-up, running it out of the garage. 

By day Graham was employed in the Royal Australian Air Force as an Avionics Technician. 

“I got into DIY electronics in 2001,” Graham said. 

“While there were many DIY Electronics retailers, it was hard to find genuinely creative electronics from local providers. 

“I’m talking about the sort of gear that was so impressive that it inspired everyday DIYers to use the device in a project, or equally as important, just for fun.”

At the same time, Graham recognised that there were not many pathways for learning modern technologies outside of diving through datasheets and brief notes scattered around online. 

So he began creating freely available tutorials which shared methods of how to use microcontrollers/DIY hardware in ways that midnight engineers could easily adapt for their own projects. 

“This quickly grew into a community approach, and before I knew it, people wanted the parts we were talking about,” Graham said. 

“Enough of a rhythm formed that we started a business, Core Electronics. 

“In our early days we had two or three orders a week and operated out of our garage during after hours.”  

In 2014 CE outgrew the  6mx6m garage  and leased a 160sqm warehouse in Newcastle. 

In November 2016 they moved to a 700sqm building in Newcastle.

“There are now 15 of us in the team, and I have since left the Air Force to join the team full-time,” Graham said.

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