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The occupation of an engineer has an extremely wide reach and covers a wide variety of skills and industries, well beyond what you might first expect.

Future: Robots are becoming commonplace in many workplace environments and play a huge role in engineering today.

Future: Robots are becoming commonplace in many workplace environments and play a huge role in engineering today.

It’s a growing industry that offers people competitive pay along with the opportunity to work with new and emerging technologies.

One of the great attractions of engineering work is the huge variety of tasks and environments in which engineers find themselves working in.

Engineers have a huge impact on our day to day lives, improving the state of the world by amplifying our human capability and making people's lives safer and easier.

What does engineering look like:

From designing programs at a computer terminal, to overseeing the maintenance operations for major structures such as; aircraft, ships, heavy earth moving equipment, mobile cranes and offshore oil platforms – there are many ways to be an engineer.

Today a great deal of engineering work is done with the aid of computers.

This can range from design, testing, the control of systems, the direction of equipment and the analysis of the properties of materials involved.

The main disciplines of engineering:

Historically, mainstream engineering was divided into the four broad disciplines of chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering, with several branches inside of each of those disciplines, covering an enormous range of fields.

Traditionally, engineering has been about infrastructure, with engineers best known for creating things like bridges or vehicles.

Today, we are seeing the emergence of a new disciplines of engineering including  aerospace engineering, environmental engineering, biomedical engineering, software engineering and robotics engineering.

Engineers are natural problem solvers, they are creative thinkers who seek to find solutions to human and environmental problems. 

They use mathematics, critical thinking and science to improve existing products and design new ones to our world.

They research, design, produce, operate and maintain many of the things we use each and every day.

The engineers of today are shaping our future and influence our lives in many interesting ways, from renewable energy, food, mining, agriculture and more.

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