Balancing art and science

SHINE YOUR LIGHT: The application of anti-wrinkling techniques is about enhancing one’s already natural beauty, according to Dr Rastogi.

SHINE YOUR LIGHT: The application of anti-wrinkling techniques is about enhancing one’s already natural beauty, according to Dr Rastogi.

Demand for cosmetic procedures continues to grow as non-invasive treatments are becoming more widely accepted as an easy and affordable alternative to combatting unwanted signs of ageing.

The most common procedures focusing on wrinkle removal and smoothing skin with enhancing injections.

According to leading cosmetic surgeon Dr Anoop Rastogi, the best results are produced by advanced anti-wrinkle cosmetic techniques that require the artful and precise placement of injections which help to rebalance facial muscles.

Dr Rastogi was one of the first medical doctors to introduce and administer wrinkle relaxing treatments in Australia.

His advanced training experience includes working with some of the world’s best cosmetic surgeons in Rome, Paris, London and Cambridge, as well as being part of an international panel of medical experts for administering wrinkle relaxers and fillers.

The Newcastle-born cosmetic specialist is frequently asked for industry and media comment and sees his roles not only as a surgeon and an artist, but also an educator.

  • What exactly are injectable muscle relaxants and how do they work?

“Injectable muscle relaxants are a purified protein, a medicine that removes lines and wrinkles from the face by relaxing the overactivity of the muscles causing the lines.

"With precision placement, they can also be used to rebalance the facial muscles and produce a more youthful appearance to overcome the often undesirable ageing effects of gravity.”

  • Are anti-wrinkle injections safe for wrinkle treatment?

“Yes, most certainly. The procedure has been used for many years in medicine without any cumulative or long-term side effects, so we know it is safe.”

  • Why do people seek wrinkle treatment?

“Largely because people are much healthier these days. The physiological age and lifestyle at 40 for example is comparable to that of a 30 year old.

"However, when someone looks in the mirror, what they see is sometimes not consistent with the way they feel on the inside.

“The essence of facial harmonising is to maintain the positive expressions but relax away the negative ones to provide a more youthful and attractive aesthetic balance.

"Cosmetic injections aim to highlight the positive character, maintain natural expression, and erase the negatives through balancing the extent to which we erase the lines.

“The frown line between the eyes [glabella lines] on the other hand, are negative and often less attractive expression lines.

"These lines can sometimes misrepresent a happy person whose brow furrows when they think, talk, or face the sunlight. Injectable muscle relaxants help to remove the unwanted, negative expression, leaving a more pleasant and serene look to the face.”

  • What are some of the most common problem areas?

“Frown lines, crows feet, heavy and tired eyes are high on the list. A droopy mouth with deep creases can be treated, while plumping up smoker lines around the mouth can be easily remedied.

"Treatments to create fuller lips and address drawn, sunken cheeks are also in high demand.

  • How can I be sure I’m in good hands?

“It really is important to check the experience and expertise of your cosmetic specialist and to choose wisely, because patient safety should always be the highest priority.

“There is an art and a particular science applied to balancing anti-ageing facial harmonising. Under skilful hands, you can boost youthful beauty, maintain natural expression and erase negative and ageing features from the face.

“It really is about enhancing one’s already natural beauty.”

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