Best to check, not regret

SAFETY CONSCIOUS: If it is determined that you have asbestos on your property it is important that it is removed quickly and in a safe manner.
SAFETY CONSCIOUS: If it is determined that you have asbestos on your property it is important that it is removed quickly and in a safe manner.

Early last year a Glendale property had to be demolished after the owners discovered it contained deadly loose-fill asbestos insulation.

Loose-fill asbestos is raw crushed asbestos, which was commonly used for ceiling insulation in the 1960s and 1970s.

While it wasnt considered dangerous at that time, loose-fill asbestos has since been found to pose a risk to health as the airborne fibres can move from the ceiling into living spaces.

The product was widely used in the ACT and came to attention in 2014 when widespread contamination was discovered.

Since June 2014, the ACT government has bought back more than $670 million worth of loose-fill asbestos insulation properties.

In NSW, more than 65,000 properties have been tested since December 2014 with 149 positive results.

The Hunter had been untested as existing knowledge suggested loose-fill asbestos insulation was not used in the region but almost 7000 Hunter residents registered for testing following the discovery at the Lake Macquarie home.

Its important to establish what youre dealing with when it comes to materials within the family home, Tristan Goninan from ABS Asbestos Removal & Demolition said.

Asbestos is a product thats been around in many forms for decades, and it does have the potential to be harmful, particularly the loose-fill stuff.

But if asbestos is in good condition, theres minimal threat until it is damaged, or needs to be removed, such as when doing renovations.

Due to its heat and weather durability, asbestos has been used extensively in wet areas, like bathrooms, the laundry, toilet, behind kitchens.

If youre doing renovations, and have concerns, its better to get it checked before rather than regret it later, Tristan said.

One thing we notice a lot is asbestos sheeting thats been covered up or gyprocked over from previous renovations.

We cant stress enough the need to get a professional to have a look before you disrupt it.

With a background in demolition, ABS Asbestos Removal & Demolition have the experience and equipment to deal with all asbestos, internal and external.

More often than not theres no need to move out of the home to have asbestos removed, Tristan said.

In many situations we can safely seal off rooms without disrupting the household.

Ultimately, a major part of our job is reassuring people about the removal of asbestos and pointing people in the right direction.

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