Recycling week

Newcastle Container Return's high speed sorting machines takes the hassle out of the container deposit scheme.

Newcastle Container Return's high speed sorting machines takes the hassle out of the container deposit scheme.

The focus of the Return and Earn scheme is to reduce littering as part of a national goal to reduce littering, in which the success throughout NSW has been astounding. According to the NSW EPA, approximately 54 per cent of marketed drink containers are now being returned for recycling in comparison to the 32 per cent when solely relying on yellow bin returns.

Now recycling does not only help the environment but will also benefit individuals and organisations that take part in the Return and Earn scheme. Newcastle Container Return makes it easier than ever before to take part in the Return and Earn scheme by streamlining the experience and providing friendly customer service.

Staff are on-site to ensure a great hassle-free experience while also undertaking majority of the manual labour while you wait which will see you in-and-out with the high-speed container counters that they are able to process 100 containers per minute.

This allows the servicing of customers with large volumes seamless as well as those with fewer containers. No matter how the containers arrive on site, Newcastle Container Return has efficient and effective solutions to process containers for redemption of any size and volume.

Newcastle Container Return offer several payment options to suit individuals or organisations which include, Cash payments, Eftpos deposit and Direct Bank deposits. Cash and eftpos payments are paid on-site at request. For convenience there is also the option of a drop off and pay later service in which you can drop your containers at the depot during trading hours and within 12 hours the containers will be processed and payment made to your nominated bank account.

There are solutions for both individuals and organisations at Newcastle Container Return located at 52 Parker Street, Carrington.

The Newcastle Container Return provides depot trading hours which are between 9am and 3pm Monday to Thursday and until 4pm on a Friday. Saturday hours are from 8am to 1pm. A pick-up service for organisations such as businesses and sporting clubs, for those that collect larger quantities of containers which is a great and simple way to fundraise.

Newcastle Container Return offers cages, bins, bin liners at no cost to the customer but also can provide a collection service with a deductible fee from the container refund.

Newcastle Container Return offers fast friendly service for customers with any number of containers. With several payment options including cash, it makes it more convenient to take your containers in and be paid on the spot and is available six days a week. Drop in and see how easy the container deposit scheme can be.