Heroes are here to help

There's no denying the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on emotional well-being. People living with existing anxiety conditions. may even notice worsened symptoms or a sense of losing control.

HOME CARE HEROES: For more information visit website www.homecareheroes.com.au.

HOME CARE HEROES: For more information visit website www.homecareheroes.com.au.

A young, local start-up - Home Care Heroes - is the prefect solution during these times of uncertainty, according to co-founder Mathieu Bertrand.

"We match people based on interest, hobbies, language and location so people in Newcastle can find someone they like locally," he said. Below are five solutions to support the emotional well-being of our communities and members during COVID-19."

  1. Groceries and supplies support. During a pandemic, it is recommended that you should store at least a two-week supply of food, water, medicine and prescriptions. Woolworths and Coles have an exclusive shopping hour from 7am-8am for the elderly and people with disabilities. Home Care Heroes has set up event links for members to see which Heroes are available to take them and assist with their groceries.
  2. The Launch of Video Bookings. Home Care Heroes is launching Video Bookings - a new way of connecting that promotes social distancing while allowing our members and heroes to maintain their social wellbeing and reach their goals. Want some help with writing a resume, setting a goal or some exercise from the comfort of your own living room or just want someone to talk to?
  3. A new COVID-19 online training for support workers. Home Care Heroes has incorporated a new training module into their well-known Hero Training Academy. This information is designed to more adequately equip support workers with ways to prevent the spread of the virus during booked hours of support, to address the anxiety our members may be experiencing, as well as ways heroes can help to alleviate this. This informative session is open to both Heroes and members.
  4. Information and precaution checklists for heroes and members. Home Care Heroes is actively preparing and dispersing a wide range of information on what our heroes and members should be aware of during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit www.homecareheroes.com.au
  5. Maintaining companionship and emotional support. Pandemics are stressful and can leave people feeling anxious and concerned. Heroes encourage and teach members how to take extra precautions.