Virtual training a lifeline with Verto

PATH TO SUCCESS: VERTO CEO Ron Maxwell invites you to explore your options. Picture: SUPPLIED.
PATH TO SUCCESS: VERTO CEO Ron Maxwell invites you to explore your options. Picture: SUPPLIED.

With many already or soon to be out of employment due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it can feel like the future is out of our hands. However, online training is providing a much-needed lifeline, giving you the chance to shape or rebuild your career from the comfort of your lounge room.

According to Ron Maxwell, CEO at not-for-profit employment and training provider, VERTO, upskilling now could set you up for the future.

"Our job market had been changing for some time before COVID-19, so many people were already in a position where they needed to think about new skills or career paths," he said.

"For others, this has been a new development, and it can be daunting to think about the future. Developing new skills or qualifications now can prepare you for many exciting opportunities ahead."

With a number of industries facing skills shortages prior to COVID-19, there are opportunities to find a new career or step up to a new role in an industry that needs qualified workers.

"These challenging times present a window of opportunity to develop new skills without leaving home. With many courses available online, from leadership and management to industry-specific skills, such as warehousing, there's something to suit everyone," Mr Maxwell said.

"While it can feel like the future is on hold, the reality is that when this is all over, we're going to need skilled and qualified workers to drive our industries forward and help our economy recover. From retail to community services, there's likely to be a wealth of opportunities for those who are ready."

It's not just about studying anywhere, it's also about studying anytime. Online qualifications, like those offered by VERTO, let you study around your life commitments.

"Right now, that might be about fitting it in around working from home, providing care, or home-schooling the kids. With online training, you can study at your own pace. It's really about anywhere, anytime, and that's perfect for parents, carers or anyone who isn't able to commit to a fixed schedule," Mr Maxwell said.

"Many people are realising the opportunity to develop their skills now and prepare themselves for new opportunities. VERTO had already invested heavily in online training capability, and we are continually expanding that to include new qualifications in a range of industries, including Mental Health Awareness and Infection Control and Prevention.

"Services like these are going to be even more critical in the months and years ahead, so we will need qualified people to deliver them."

If you find yourself stuck at home, wondering what's next for your career in an uncertain world, online training just may be the answer.

With government support available to cover the fees for many qualifications and an easy application process, you can start developing skills and working towards a qualification immediately. To find out more about the range of courses on offer, visit or call 1300 4 VERTO to discuss your options.