RM Legal & Conveyancing' client app relieves Newcastle buyer stress

CUTTING EDGE: RM Legal and Conveyancing's Julie MacDougall, Justin Milligan and Amanda Richardson. Picture: SUPPLIED.

CUTTING EDGE: RM Legal and Conveyancing's Julie MacDougall, Justin Milligan and Amanda Richardson. Picture: SUPPLIED.

How could we make buying or selling a house easier for people?

That's the question asked by the owners of RM Legal and Conveyancing, Justin Milligan, Julie MacDougall and Amanda Richardson, back in 2016.

"The conveyancing process hasn't really changed in 100 years, until now," Justin said.

"The two most annoying issues for people when buying or selling property is not knowing where things are up to, caused mostly by a lack of communication, and secondly, having to find time to get to an office to sign contracts.

"We could see that a lot of people are very time poor so that process in the old days of driving to an office, finding somewhere to park, seeing your legal representative and then leaving again was a problem."

Through the use of technology, RM Legal and Conveyancing rarely see their clients face-to-face.

The systems they have created means legal work can now be completed on a phone, tablet or computer.

"Contracts can now be signed anywhere in the world," Justin Milligan said.

"As long as a client has access to the internet, we're able to email them a contract to sign electronically."

RM Legal and Conveyancing have looked after clients selling property in Sydney while living in New York, an Australian Rugby Union Wallaby buying a property who signed on his phone while in Japan, and a client who signed while on a South Pacific cruise, just to name a few.

Signing contracts online is not the only improvement RM Legal and Conveyancing have implemented.

"The stress of buying or selling a property isn't so much about the price of conveyancing, the stress occurs from not knowing what's going on," Justin said.

To get around this issue, RM Legal and Conveyancing provides access to their Conveyancing app and portal.

"The app allows communication to happen immediately without any phone tag involved," Justin said.

"As soon as we complete a step in the conveyancing process, we send an update from our system which in turn sends a notification to a client's phone and email.

"It means our clients know immediately when things are completed or updated.

"Real estate agents and the lender, if there is one involved, have access to our app and can receive similar updates if they wish,"

Following an initial free phone consultation, RM Legal and Conveyancing clients are introduced to the client app.

As each step of the process is complete, the client receives a notification on their phone telling them what has been completed and what the next step will be.

There is also a chat facility to allow clients to interact with the team.

It effectively operates like a checklist. At any point in the process, the client can see what has been completed and what remains outstanding, without having to call in to the office.

"It is all about speed and good communication," Justin said.

"People are becoming comfortable with all kinds of new technology.

"In 2019, who knew anything about Zoom? Now everyone is an expert."

For the less technologically minded, never fear.

The firm provides education on using their interactive tools on their website at rmlegalandconveyancing.com.au.

The website is equipped with all kinds of resources and articles to help make your real estate journey, buying or selling, as stress free as possible.