Taking a holistic approach at Advanced Gynecology

A HOLISTIC APPROACH: Advanced Gynecology's Dr Sneha Joshi believes that every woman deserves a better, healthier, happier life. Picture: SUPPLIED.
A HOLISTIC APPROACH: Advanced Gynecology's Dr Sneha Joshi believes that every woman deserves a better, healthier, happier life. Picture: SUPPLIED.

A gynecologist for 25 years, Advanced Gynecology's Dr Sneha Joshi says gaining more information is key to women improving their quality of life.

"I've always believed that every woman deserves a better, healthier, happier life and that was my motivation to go into gynecology," she said.

Dr Joshi will be sharing her experience and professional knowledge at the Place Charlestown's Health My Way Program event on September 23 at 6.30pm, which will focus on endometriosis.

Almost one in 10 women suffer from Endometriosis, Dr Joshi said, experiencing a great deal of pain which, most of the time, gets neglected.

Many times, women feel that the pain is in their head, Dr Joshi said.

"But endometriosis pain is real, it's not in head. It's important to understand what women go through and then analyse whether they need some form of treatment," she said.

The session will include information, a breakdown of symptoms and treatment options and include an open question and answer session.

"I have patients who have been suffering with pain with their periods, pain with sexual intercourse, pain while opening their bowels, pain while passing urine and they just consider it as pain," Dr Joshi said.

"That turns into a new normal for them and they just live off pain killers and deal with their lives."

But the health effects of endometriosis are serious.

Fertility can be affected as well as ovaries and fallopian tubes can be damaged by endometriosis.

Dr Joshi embraces a holistic approach to treatments for endometriosis and other common and complex health conditions affecting women, including incontinence.

Advanced Gynecology offers minimally invasive surgery (robotic and laparoscopic [keyhole] ) solutions for treating endometriosis, as well as pelvic floor physiotherapy, nutrition advice, testing and non-surgical treatments like Urgent PC and Gynaecological Laser for incontinence all under one roof.

The team was pioneer in delivering Medicare-rebated nonsurgical Urgent PC treatments for incontinence, which is administered at the Advanced Gynecology rooms at The Junction and East Maitland. The walk-in treatment requires no anaesthesia.

The dedicated all-woman team goes the extra mile to offer a better patient experience for women in Newcastle and Hunter, Dr Joshi said.

Not having enough information on women's health conditions continued to impact on women's health outcomes.

"Sometimes they're just told 'You've got endo' and that's it. So they don't know anything after that, where to look for resources, where to ask more questions," she said.

"So I tell patients you can ask as many questions and also provide resources."

The Advanced Gynecology team recognises that visiting a gynecologist is not an easy experience for many women, so they have put together a booklet that answers the 33 most common questions new patients would ask in the leadup to their first appointment.

You can find it at their website at www.advancedgynaecology.com.au .

To book your free ticket to the Health My Way Program event, visit The Place directly at www.theplacecharlestown.org.au or visit their Facebook page for more. The Health My Way Program aims to support people to improve their digital health literacy.