Life Rebel Chiropractic urges you to consider the high cost of the headache

Before and after: The myovison scan results show the areas under stress in red and the balance redressed after adjustments.
Before and after: The myovison scan results show the areas under stress in red and the balance redressed after adjustments.

We are a society that exists on routine and when it comes to managing pain, it appears that our approach is much the same.

When we experience pain such as a headache, often the first thing we do is mask it with tablets. If that pain continues the next call is usually a visit to the GP who in many cases will suggest continuing with pain relief, perhaps prescribing stronger medication.

It appears, on face value to be a normal situation but the reality, says Tim Shakespeare of Life Rebel Chiropractic, is far different, with our reliance on pain killers reaching dangerous levels.

A lot of the people that come to our practice with headaches or neck pain are taking regular medication for something that is actually a structural issue within the spine, begins Tim.

So not only are we seeing a high number of people taking medication that does not address the cause of the issue but in some cases they are given prescription drugs that come with a high risk of dependency or side affects. He adds.

Alarmingly its not uncommon for patients to be prescribed drugs typically used for other conditions in attempt to alleviate pain. Epilepsy drugs are frequently prescribed for neuralgic pain among other things.

Its a process called off-labelling and can come with a high level of risk, with a long list of side effects from nausea and dizziness to swelling, trouble breathing, depression and weight gain to name but a few. And the chances are the medication will do little to provide a solution.

Tim explains in most cases of head or neck pain, the root of the problem sits within the upper thoracic spine, the top section of the spine from the ribs past the shoulders and up into the neck.

As long as there are no other symptoms such as severe weight loss that might suggest something more sinister, headaches and neck pain cases are usually spine related.

By assessing the condition of the spine and the stress on supporting muscles, Life Rebel Chiropractic are able to determine how best to adjust the spine towards correct alignment, enabling the body to then heal itself.

Using a technology called myovision, Tim literally scans the body to measure what bearing any dysfunction of the spine is having on the nervous system and in turn causing tension and pain in the muscles.

This stress test helps to pinpoint the areas of the spine that are not aligned and ensure adjustments are accurate.

Muscles respond to nerves and the nervous system is housed within the spine, so its logical that by fixing the dysfunction in the spine, the nervous system can perform and muscles then relax.

All initial consultations at Life Rebel Chiropractic include a myovision scan.