Newcrest Baby Imaging scans boost maternal health

SNEAK PEEK: Newcrest Baby Imaging complements normal medical diagnostic scans and helps boost maternal care by providing connections between bub, mum and the family.

SNEAK PEEK: Newcrest Baby Imaging complements normal medical diagnostic scans and helps boost maternal care by providing connections between bub, mum and the family.

Medical scans are a common feature of most pregnancy journeys, but as a general rule, after the 20 week medical morphology scan there are usually no more unless an underlying risk exists.

"For many expectant mums waiting from 20 weeks gestation to 40 weeks when baby arrives is simply far too long," according to Newcrest Baby Imaging owner-operator Whitney Hannah.

Newcrest Baby Imaging is a boutique, private, non-diagnostic ultrasound scanning service which can be done at any gestational age from nine weeks onwards.

The scans are not meant to replace regularly required medical scans, but rather to complement and round out the gap that exists for some mums throughout their 40-week journey.

Whitney is a medically trained professional sonographer with over 20 years of obstetrical scanning experience. After many years in a clinical setting, Whitney realised there is a niche market for building a space where mums feel comfortable, not rushed and have the opportunity to have an experience that is less "clinical" in nature.

Newcrest Baby Imaging offers bonding scans for siblings and parents to see bub in a professional, non-clinical, non-rushed environment, as well as gender determination from 13 weeks, and detailed 3D/4D images of baby and reassurance scans.

Newcrest scans play a complementary role alongside regular medical scans to help boost maternal mental well-being and reduction of anxiety and stress.

They also provide an amazing opportunity to view baby's features and mannerisms to form a strong bond before being born.

"Many clients do not feel they have had enough time to see their baby at diagnostic scans," Whitney said. "We offer a non-rushed environment for everyone to see bub. Many woman have had previous loss resulting in heightened anxiety and these scans allow them to see bub bouncing around, reducing maternal stress.

"Many have waited so long to conceive and or have undergone IVF, this gives them the opportunity to enjoy the long awaited journey with booking elective scans without referral required so they may see their highly anticipated new family member.

"Siblings often don't know what to expect when a new bub is on the way, this allows them to visualise and understand the changes that will be coming into their lives, thus reducing stress of the 'unknown' for them as well."

Newcrest Baby Imaging has been in business for four years and is very popular as hundreds of Google reviews attest. Indeed, advance bookings are required.

"Many families return for second and third pregnancies to see me," Whitney said.

"People travel from Scone, Forster, Muswellbrook etc due to the popularity of the service and the lack of it in these areas."

Scans are booked on an hourly basis to allow plenty of time for the mum and family with baby.

Mums are encouraged to prep by drinking a minimum of 3 litres of water daily, for a minimum of 14 days prior to their scan to boost the Amniotic fluid around baby which is crucial to obtaining those amazing images everyone hopes for.

Gender scans from 13 weeks require the full bladder preparation for appointment times.

All images are yours to keep at the end of the scan on a USB which the client brings to the appointment.

Newcrest Baby Imaging is located at 26 Pinchtail Street, Chisholm.

For more information ring 0497 077 481 or visit