Early Learner Program advances Catholic Schools goals

Transition plan lays foundations

Catholic schools recognise the importance of the transition from home and prior to school settings to school and transitions across the early years of school.

The Successful Foundations Action Research Project has been designed to strengthen the process of transition to school in the first five weeks of Kindergarten utilising a strengths-based approach which supports the child's active engagement in play.

Early Learning in Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle acknowledges current research and best practice in the field, which respects the rights, capabilities, interests and needs of the Early Learner to achieve success and build the successful foundations to flourish in their learning and wellbeing.

The Diocese believes that the Early Learner:

  • is a spiritual being who already has a direct relationship with God,
  • has a strong sense of social and cultural identity,
  • is connected with and contributes to the world,
  • has a strong sense of wellbeing,
  • is a confident and involved learner and thinker,
  • is an effective communicator.

Catholic schools have intentional and beautiful indoor and outdoor environments that invite, enable and enrich learning and support environmental sustainability. The priority is to create an environment of safety and belonging where each child is known and valued as an individual member of the school community with their own sense of worth and identity.

Successful Foundations continues to grow and evolve with all schools being a part of the project in 2022.