Support and guidance for educational achievers

The Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle Catholic Schools has a K-12 system-wide approach to meet the diverse needs of gifted learners.

The system leadership provides support and guidance in the development and implementation of gifted education initiatives, professional learning opportunities and resources.

Principals and school executives are responsible for implementing a continuous process of identification of gifted students in consultation with relevant system personnel.

Gifted Education Lead Schools are clusters of primary and associated secondary schools who identify gifted learners and modify the curriculum to meet their academic and social emotional needs.

Each of these schools has a Gifted Education Mentor (GEM) appointed to support teachers and the school gifted education committee in providing appropriate strategies to assist students.

As part of the continuous cycle of evaluation of gifted education in the system Lead Schools showcase their action research each year.

This enables Diocesan educators to see how Gifted Education can be customised to meet the requirements of their own schools and linked with individual school strategic plans.

The Virtual Academy is an online class for students in Years 5-8 that provides innovative and advanced curricula with local, national and global perspectives, which are beyond the scope of the regular classroom, allowing highly and profoundly gifted students to learn with autonomy to engage with intellectual peers and expert mentors.