Jewells Family Wellness Centre offers improved function and well-being through pregnancy

WORKING TOGETHER: The team at Jewells Family Wellness Centre love helping expectant mums through their pregnancy journey and beyond into motherhood.

WORKING TOGETHER: The team at Jewells Family Wellness Centre love helping expectant mums through their pregnancy journey and beyond into motherhood.

Pregnancy can be challenging for some women, with so many physical and hormonal changes occurring over the course of nine months.

Some of these changes affect your movement and posture, which can make it difficult to get comfortable in any position.

These discomforts can affect the way you stand, sit, move or sleep, leading to misalignments and damage to your spine and pelvis.

"Pregnancy also changes the size and shape of your pelvis and ligaments, as well as changing the way your spine curves, due to the growing size of hte abdomen and chest," Dr Jimmy Fay, Director and Principal Chiropractor at Jewells Family Wellness Centre, explains.

Jewels Family Wellness Centre specialises in preventative and wellness based care, offering Chiropractic care and Remedial massage therapy for all age ranges.

Dr Fay and his team of remedial massage therapists and wellness assistants believe chiropractic and massage therapy are fantastic for expecting mothers to help with so many aspects of how they feel, but more importantly, their overall function and wellbeing.

"Normally when you see a client you are caring for that person one on one," Dr Fay said.

"When you help out someone who is pregnant, you are helping two people at the same time.

"The health of the mother can, and often does, make a significant impact on the health of the child.

"We often find expecting mothers get fantastic physical improvements which leads to a happier and less stressed pregnancy for those people.

"Along with the decrease in pain and greater movement abilities, some mother have reported improvements in overall body function, ranging from better sleep, better digestion and even better breathing.

"Once the baby is born we also offer checks for newborns to ascertain if any birthing trauma has occurred that needs to be addressed immediately."

Chiropractic care utilitses gentle, hands-on therapy to realign the joints in the spine and pelvis to relieve pressure in these areas.

"The realignment or 'adjustment' is very gentle and specific for each person receiving them," Dr Fay said.

"A lot of expectant mothers benefit from adjustments, making the pregnancy experience far more enjoyable.

"Also, many continue care long after pregnancy to ensure they are at their best when chasing around a new bub and being a busy new mum."

The overall focus with any patient at Jewels Family Wellness Centre is to help you along the journey back to health and prosperity.

"The idea with wellness is you want to try to cover as many health related aspects of life as possible," Dr Fay said.

We often discuss the impacts of sleeping position, driving position, relaxtion, certain supplement use, healthy diet and drinking water.

"Especially for pregnant mums, having the spine and pelvis aligned, as well as releasing tight and shortened muscles, can help with pain reduction, mobility, flexibiltiy, sleeping comfort, ease when sitting, standing and laying.

"Also, if the birth canal is better aligned it may assist reducing difficulties with labour."

Jewells Family Wellness Centre is located in Jewellstown Plaza at 33/75 Ntaba Road, Jewells.

For more information call 02 4077 5802, or visit their Facebook site (Jewells Family Wellness Centre) or Instagram - @JewellsFamilyWellness.