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Newcastle Herald readers have their say: Trams, traffic, transformation: What's true?

By Letters to the Editor
May 13 2022 - 6:30pm
LETTERS: Trams, traffic, transformation: What's true?

I'VE noticed in recent times, when reference is made to the development taking place in Newcastle we hear of a city being transformed. What happened to revitalisation? I went for a walk along Hunter Street last Saturday to see how things were going. Much of the construction I saw when I last visited the city was complete. However, I can't help but wonder what happened to the revitalisation we were supposed to see. I saw a lot of cars driving up and down Hunter Street but not many people on the footpaths. Only two trams were running and not many people were catching them. I also saw a surprising number of empty shops. How much of this lack of activity is a result of the bad decisions made nine or 10 years ago and how much is due to COVID-19 is hard to say. In any case, the city is a far cry from the vibrant hive of activity it once was. The closure of the railway, putting the light rail in Hunter Street and the construction of high rise buildings on the harbour's edge seems to have achieved nothing. That is if revitalisation was the real aim. The only thing that might bring people back to the city in any number is if the light rail is extended into the suburbs; that's if we really want people to come back into Newcastle. Otherwise we will have to ask what is meant by a city being transformed.