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7 Best standing desks in Australia for 2024

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Standing desks have become increasingly popular, as Australians are becoming more aware of the negative health effects of sitting for too long. A standing desk allows you to work while standing up, which can reduce back pain, improve posture, and increase your energy levels. In this article, Daniel from Best Standing Desks Australia will be discussing the best sit-stand desks that should be on your radar.

Top picks for the best standing desk

These top Australian electric standing desks were carefully curated based on quality, price, comfort, and design aesthetics. The list will help you pick and choose a modern and robust sit-standing desk for your home or office workspace.

  1. UpDown Pro Series Desk - Best overall standing desk in Australia
  2. Agile Electric Height Desk - Best for multiple monitors
  3. Artiss Standing Desk - Best for kids and low budgets
  4. Vertical Desk - Best office standing desk
  5. UpDown Pro Series Electric Corner Desk - Best sit-stand desk for corners
  6. Omnidesk Pro - Best for its range of accessories
  7. Ikea Bekant - Cheapest standing desk

Why we picked these standing desks in Australia

Here's a review of the best standing desks in Australia. The assessment of each product has examined the desk height, load capacity, dimension, my final ratings, and most importantly, their prices.

UpDown Pro takes our pick for the best sit-stand desk that you can buy in Australia for those who want affordability, durability, customisability, and top-quality finishes. Other stand-out features that separate it from the rest are the blend of elegance and durability with a range of desktop substitutes, like as Victorian Ash, Rubberwood, Walnut, Pheasantwood, and Acacia. Moreover, there are sustainable desktop options sourced from recycled Messmate and Oregon desktops.

American Oak standing desk from UpDown (picture supplied).
American Oak standing desk from UpDown (picture supplied).

With its 41 kg, ultra-sturdy structure, this desk provides unparalleled stability, even at its highest elevation of 127 cm which is incredible. It simply feels rock solid with even two desktop monitors installed. Other notable features I was impressed by are the quiet two electric motors for smooth adjustments, a large 150 kg load capacity, an anti-collision safety feature, and a digital control screen with height presets.

For those of you on the fence, UpDown does have a 100-day trial to test out the product. Compared to other standing desks, the UpDownPro will cost you between $1,029 - $2,099 depending on the configuration and add-ons selected. But you pay for what you get - and with the UpDown PRO series, it's the best money you will spend for your home office.


  • 100-day trial (and also free shipping).
  • Rock solid stability even at the highest elevation.
  • A wide variety of high-quality desktop finishes that feel excellent to work on.


  • Can only be purchased online.


  • Height Range - 61.5cm to 127cm
  • Load Capacity - 150kg
  • Dimensions - Lengths of 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, width 75cm
  • Price Range - $1,029 - $2,099
  • Desktop - Melamine (white, black), bamboo, hardwoods (Acacia, Rubberwood, Walnut, Pheasantwood, and Victorian Ash)
  • Warranty - 10 years (frame and electronics), 5 years (desktop)

The Agile Electric 2 Motor Desk skillfully blends innovation, functionality, and a user-centered design. This height-adjustable desk has several features that appeal to you that we will highlight in this review. The first pro we noticed is the flat foot design. This gives the desk more stability during height adjustments and a wobble-free workspace. This feature will be crucial if you require a reliable and steady desk surface at all times to accompany your office chair.


Agile standing desk in new oak. Picture: Sit Back and Relax.
Agile standing desk in new oak. Picture: Sit Back and Relax.

But its biggest advantage is the weight or load capacity. The Agile sit-stand desk can support up to 100kg making it a great option for 3-4 desktop monitors and other office equipment. The desk would be ideal for content creators who require large displays and multimedia equipment. While it only has 1 motor, the speed is still reasonable and smooth between height levels.

The worktops are finished in either natural white melamine or new oak melamine - both look great and will complement any space. The centre back scallop cut improves wire management even more and helps create a clutter-free workstation without visible cables.

The Agile desk starts at $1,509.00 for the 1200x750mm version and the larger size is $1,575.00. While this sit-stand desk is at the upper end of the pricing scale, it's a purpose-designed standing desk that has excellent load capacity and will stand the test of time.


  • Desktop has 25mm matching ABS edging for durability.
  • The frames are available in black or white powder coat.
  • Weight loading capacity of 100kg.


  • Doesn't come with soft wiring and fittings underneath.
  • Limited number of desktop finishes.


  • Height Range - 70.5cm - 118.5cm
  • Load Capacity - 100kg
  • Dimensions - Lengths of 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, width 75cm
  • Price Range - $1,509 - $1,575
  • Desktop - Studio Natural White Melamine finish or New Oak Melamine
Picture supplied: Artiss
Picture supplied: Artiss

Artiss standing desks are an excellent choice for kids, students, and anyone looking for a low-budget workstation. It does come in a relatively small size of 1.20m and 1.40 m length options. Their prices, which range from $573 to $804, make them an affordable choice for working from home and solidify their ranking as one of Australia's best-standing desks. The lower-cost standing desk doesn't compromise on quality and features either.

The excellent build quality of this product is attributed to several characteristics, including twin motors, a powder-coated steel frame, wide feet for extra support, a 3-button digital controller, and a range of modern particleboard desktops. Although the particle board desktop is not regarded as a premium grade for long-term durability compared to the likes of UpDown's range, it is an incredibly good starting point that brings the whole cost down to a level that most parents and students can afford. You can pick an Artiss desk in white, black, oak, and walnut finishes.

Moreover, the load capacity isn't on the higher end either and ranges between 70kg and 100kg. But in short, the Artiss standing desks is the winner for the category of kids and students, as well as older elementary school children. The corners are softly rounded to prevent knocking of heads and arms which is also a nice touch.


  • With a maximum length of 1.4 metres, it is compact enough for rooms intended for young children.
  • Its more affordable price and superior sound quality guarantee value for the money.


  • Desktop is made from particle board which isn't as durable as other materials.


  • Height Range - 69cm to 118cm
  • Load Capacity - 100kg
  • Dimensions - 1.4m (w) x 0.8m (d)
  • Price Range - Prices start at $570 and go up to $800
  • Desktop - Particle board (white, black, oak, walnut)
  • Warranty - 1 year

If you're looking for a standing desk in your office, or want that corporate feel in your home office, the Vertical Desk from Sit Back and Relax is a great option. It manages to seamlessly integrate innovation and functionality to transform your standard office into a premium workspace. It can switch effortlessly between sitting and standing positions, offering unparalleled versatility and a myriad of health benefits.

As for the features, the motor comes standing with an anti-collision system which is great for safety and has really quiet operation when making height adjustments. When testing out the desk, the stability at the highest range felt robust with rock-solid construction due to its 75mm squared framing. It would have no issues holding multiple desktop monitors with its weight rating without compromising stability.

Vertical Standing desk. Picture: Sit Back & Relax
Vertical Standing desk. Picture: Sit Back & Relax

You can customise the desk to match your taste and space needs thanks to the variety of size options (1200 x 750mm, 1500 x 750mm, and 1800 x 750mm). There are several finishes to pick from to match your environment such as Natural Oak, Polar White, or Natural Walnut which all look great. For an open office environment, the privacy screen can be added on as an extra which also doubles for noise reduction in a busy workplace.

The standing desk ranges between $900 and $1,000 depending on which size you purchase which is in line with other sit-stand desks. Overall, the Vertical Single Desk stands out as a premium choice but may not be that suitable for a simple home office setup.


  • A range of size options and top finishes to choose from.
  • Optional mounted acoustic screens.


  • Height/weight/load capacity is not disclosed on the website.


  • Dimensions - 1200 x 750, 1500 x 750 and 1800 x 750mm
  • Price Range - Between $900 and $1,000
  • Desktop - Natural Oak, Polar White, and Natural Walnut

If you're on the hunt for a corner-standing desk, then the UpDown Pro Series Electric Corner Desk is your best option in Australia according to my research. It has all the premium features you would anticipate from UpDown with an impressive versatility to transform from an L-shape configuration to a rectangular arrangement anywhere between 90 and 180 degrees.

Updown L-shaped desk. Picture by UpDown.
Updown L-shaped desk. Picture by UpDown.

As luxurious as a corner workstation can get is the UpDown Pro Series Electric Corner Desk. The 195 cm x 180 cm x 75 cm L-shaped standing desk has a steel frame and rectangular legs for stability and longevity. It is available in just one size. Its robust construction and premium tabletop allow it to handle an incredible 150 kg of weight at its utmost, which is perfect for holding several monitors.

This corner sit-stand appealed to me because of its chic and modern design, which will look good in any living room or workspace. Although there are no hardwoods, the melamine version comes in beech or basic white. You can get the stronger, lighter, and more resilient bamboo desktop, but it will cost a little bit more. In terms of price, you can pick up the corner version of the UpDown between $1,694 - $1,900 depending on the accessories selected. It's considerably more expensive than the rectangular version, but it's a great option for any corner space in your home office.


  • Free shipping, a risk-free 100-day trial, and a benevolent return policy.
  • Quiet operation when adjusting the height.
  • The desktop's 2.5 cm thickness feels sturdy.


  • Expensive compared to competitor corner standing desks.


  • Height Range - 64cm - 129cm
  • Load Capacity - 150kg
  • Dimensions - 195cm x 180cm x 75cm
  • Price Range - $1,694 - $1,900
  • Desktop - Melamine (white, beech), bamboo desktop
  • Warranty - 10 years on the frame, 5 years on the desktop

6. Omnidesk Pro - Great choice for accessories (Rating 4.1/5.0)

The Omnidesk Pro Standing Desk makes this list due to several noteworthy benefits. With selections like Richbrown Hevea and Walnut among its outstanding collection of hardwood tabletops, the desk provides a visually pleasing and varied array of possibilities. Excellent attachments are included; the one covert monitor arm, in particular, improves wire management and functionality.

Picture of my Omnidesk Pro (acacia).
Picture of my Omnidesk Pro (acacia).

While there were some challenges with building the Omnidesk, the finished product oozes quality and compares well with the premium brands. The load capacity of 150kg, dual electric motors, anti-collision mechanism, and four-preset controller put the Pro alongside the likes of the UpDown desk we mentioned above.

As for accessories, you can pick up the Omnidesk with dual monitor arms, built-in cable management solutions, a suite of power outlets, drink holders, headphone hangers, microphone booms, anti-fatigue mats, and others so you can tailor your workspace just how you need it. When it comes to pricing, the Omnidesk (supplied in Australia) will cost you between $750 and $1,200 which is comparable and good value for money.


  • Classy finishes that will make any room look fantastic.
  • Has a 7-year warranty.
  • Comes with a mobile app for standing desk control.


  • None of Omnidesk's accessories are included (costs extra).
  • Building the desk is a little challenging.


  • Height Range - 63 to 125cm
  • Load Capacity - 130kg
  • Dimensions - 1.22m (l) x 0.76m (w), 1.53m (l) x 0.76m (w), 1.83m (l) x 0.76m (w)
  • Price Range - $750 up to $1,200
  • Desktop - Melamine (white, black), wood (Richbrown Hevea, Natural Hevea, Acacia Light, Acacia Dark, Walnut, Pheasantwood)
  • Warranty - 7 years.

7. IKEA Bekant - Best budget standing desk (Rating 3.9/5.0)

A comparison of the best standing desks in Australia wouldn't be complete with a budget-friendly category. For this, we have nominated IKEA standing desks such as the Bekant as a good choice for first-time buyers and those who are on a budget. The Bekant desk is incredibly inexpensive at $669, however, there are certain compromises in terms of quality. But it is a manageable size for a single workstation and is quick and simple to install (which is what you would expect from IKEA furniture).

Picture of the Bekant IKEA desk supplied.
Picture of the Bekant IKEA desk supplied.

As you might expect, the IKEA range of standing desks like the Bekant doesn't stand up to the highest build quality or features of a medium - to high - range stand-up desk for the price. For instance, its thin particleboard tabletop is only available in white, black, or white oak; its cylindrical legs are not as stable as its rectangular legs, and it lacks a digital controller that can store height presets (all of which you would get out-of-the-box with the UpDown or Omnidesk's for example).

However, its greatest asset is the price. For an electric standing desk, the Bekant from IKEA is incredibly affordable, priced at just $669. Although it isn't as high-quality or equipped with as many functions as other stand-up desks, it is still reasonably priced.


  • You can sit at the standing desk at IKEA before making a purchase.
  • Simple to install and erect with pre-drilled holes.
  • Very affordable and has a good return policy.


  • Tends to wobble and twist even when used in a stationary position.
  • Not suitable for multiple monitors and equipment with its lower weight capacity.


  • Height Range - 65cm to 125cm
  • Load Capacity - 100kg
  • Dimensions - 1.6m (l) x 0.8m (w)
  • Price - $669
  • Desktop - Particleboard (white, black, white oak)
  • Warranty - 10 years

What types of standing desks can you buy?

Every kind of standing desk is produced and sold in Australia. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Here's a quick summary of the different types you can buy online (or in person):

  • Electric sit-stand desks: These workstations may rise and fall thanks to one or two electric motors. They may have memory locations that are pre-programmed for the desktop's height and need to be plugged in. Because they need electricity, it's important to place them close to a power outlet. Additionally, because of their components, they are usually heavier to move. Good examples include the UpDown Pro Series, Omnidesk, and Vertical Sit-Stand from Sit Back & Relax.

Manual sit-stand desks: Manual height-adjustable standing desks are an alternative to the electric versions. They are cheaper due to the fact they don't have a motor but that means you need to wind them up and down yourself.

  • Desk converters: A compromise between a fully electric standing desk and a manual is the desk converter. It's a hybrid version that can be used on top of a regular desk to raise or lower your workstation height. Although it requires less pre-assembly and is lighter than an electric standing desk, a sit-stand desk converter has significantly lower load capacities.

What to look for when choosing a standing desk

There are ample stand-up desks in Australia to choose from. Here are the main aspects to look for based on my experience.

Desktop materials

The most popular desktop materials for an adjustable standing desk include hardwood, bamboo, and melamine. Bamboo and melamine offer modern appearances that are affordable. The most expensive, heaviest, and most long-lasting desktops are made of hardwood. In addition to the materials, browse the catalogue to ensure the range of finishes (colours) will match the room's aesthetics.

Number of motors

A single-motor electric standing desk won't have the power compared to a dual-motor standing desk when it comes to heavier weights of up to 150 kg. While there is a small increase in price, it doesn't necessarily mean it will consume more power but at least - you get enough power to lift your equipment without straining the motor which could potentially reduce its life expectancy. The number of motors can also impact the elevation speed. Dual-motor standing desks with a common speed of about 40 mm per second can potentially cut down on this wait time.


It will require some thought to determine what standing desk accessories you require based on your demands. It may be necessary to make additional purchases elsewhere as the majority of sit-stand desk manufacturers are unlikely to supply you with all you might desire.

Selecting the ideal stand-up desk attachment is essential for improving productivity, attaining improved ergonomics, and generally living a better life. A cable management tray, monitor arms, and ergonomic office chairs are frequently listed as necessities you should consider buying with your standing desk.

Noise levels

The fact sheet for a sit-stand desk will include noise levels for electric adjustments that are measured in dB. For individuals working from home, especially those with children, the sound a desk makes may be crucial. Better user experience is accompanied by lower noise, however, this may also mean slower adjustment speeds because motors are capped at slower speeds to limit noise levels.

Weight capacity

The desk's weight capacity is a crucial consideration particularly if you need multiple monitors. Before making a purchase, be sure the desk can support your weight by checking its capability. As a general rule, go for the highest possible weight capacity you can buy which will give you flexibility later on. A 130kg to 150kg maximum load capacity is generally considered a great place to start which will hold up several monitors without straining the motor.


Lastly, think about the desk's cost. Standing desks come in a variety of price points. Establish your spending limit and search for a desk that satisfies your needs while staying inside it. For quality standing desks, expect to pay from $950 upwards to $2,000. If you're on a budget, you can consider the lower-end such as IKEA standing desks, which are relatively inexpensive.

Here's why you should buy a stand-up desk

Making the switch to a sit-stand desk has a lot of advantages. I made the switch because of back pain or bad posture from spending so much time sitting down.

They are becoming more popular

Standing desks, though not new, are gaining popularity in Australian workplaces, homes, and offices. The awareness of the benefits of active work at sit-stand desks has contributed to their increased popularity, with workplaces offering them to diversify the seating arrangement, but also as perks or based on employee requests.

According to a Statista survey, the percentage of respondents who could access a standing desk from their employer rose from 20% in 2014 to 60% in 2019, indicating a significant 40% increase over five years and suggesting a more widespread adoption of sit-stand desks in workplaces.

Better posture

Standing is more conducive to good posture than sitting at your desk all day. It can help prevent or relieve back and neck pain because standing uses more muscles and promotes a more natural alignment of the spine. In general, and based on my own experience, height-adjustable workstations help you become more conscious of your body's alignment and overall well-being.

It can increase your daily productivity

Throughout the workday, switching between standing and sitting might assist in avoiding becoming stagnant (which is easy to do). Some people may report increased creativity and productivity as a result of being more active at their desks. Studies have mentioned this advantage, but it's unclear if standing desks genuinely boost productivity-especially over the long haul.

Collaboration and communication

Working upright can remove some of the barriers and encourage open collaboration. Since better communication leads to better collaboration, an increasing number of Australian businesses and workplaces are enhancing their company cultures by implementing sit-stand workstations or giving the option of desk converters.

Standing burns more calories

Studies have shown that utilising a stand-up workstation burns more calories than a fixed-height desk. Adjustable standing desks can help you burn up to 50 per cent more calories while standing than while sitting, but they shouldn't take the place of regular exercise. While the difference is minor, just think about how long you sit at your desk in your current job. On the other hand, standing too long can also cause some issues on your joints (yes, its a compromise).

Reasons you shouldn't buy a standing desk

Standing desks provide benefits as mentioned above, but there are also a few disadvantages to consider before you purchase one. Standing desks can limit the benefits of collaboration in the workplace if co-workers primarily utilise seated desks, which might impede social connection. But probably the biggest con, standing desks can be expensive even for entry-level models that cost $300 or more, or for premium models that cost over $900 and upwards to $2,000.

Sit-stand desk converters are an option for cost-conscious individuals, albeit they might not save prices all that much. There must be a period of adaptation when switching from a fixed-height desk to an adjustable standing desk. It is crucial to successfully adjust to this new working style by gradually modifying standing times, routines, and posture.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What features should I look for in a high-quality standing desk? There are a few important factors to take into account while looking for a high-quality standing desk. Seek a desk with a stable build, a range of height adjustments, and a seamless transition between sitting and standing positions. It should also have ample surface area to support any additional accessories you could utilise and your work requirements.
  2. What's a good standing desk suitable for small spaces? The Artiss Desk standing desk, which ranges in price from $570 to $800, has a smaller build size and frame and is ideal for small spaces such as kids' rooms.
  3. How do I choose the right standing desk for my home office? Think about the demands and preferences that are unique to your home office when selecting a standing desk. Look for a desk with sufficient surface area, a sturdy frame, and an adjustable height range to meet your demands (especially if you're tall). Plus, any extra features you might require, such as built-in storage or cable management, should also be taken into account.
  4. Are Standing Desks Worth It? Standing desks encourage increased activity throughout the workday, which has immediate favourable effects on psychological well-being according to some minor studies. But to 100% confirm the long-term physical health benefits of sit-stand workstations, more research is necessary as they are currently little understood.

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